You were dangerous.
Like venom:
You bit into me with teeth as piercing as a thousand needles. 
A prick is an understatement when it comes to your touch.
With such sincerity you were able to convince to me that just 
one taste of your poison wouldn’t do me any harm and
your garments were so easy to remove, once you boldly told me that my love filled any type of holy sanction you failed to remain in, and like a fool, I became a player you continued to game in.
Like heroin, you filled my vains with a lethal injection
of lust and obsession confused with societies perception of love. 
As your drug dug deeper, I became weaker.
I lost myself and my trust in 
what I thought God would bring me as my man when
you smuggled your way into my life. 
With a knife, you cut your way through every ounce of
innocence I had left.
You dragged me into a cycle of drunkardness.
You poured your liquors down my throat and here I am left to
choke on my own 
actions of shame, left with
no one to blame but 
your criminal silhouette,
who’s name 
I can’t even recall.
Above all,
you snuck in my life with no purpose,
making me another dime down in your category of worthless.
For this, I send a warning to any women looking for love in your persona so unjust,
Your nothing but a thief of the night, 
a con man of the heart,
©2014 veh joven